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Accurate Organ Dosimetry Measurements with Minimal Dosimeters

With approximately 10,000 phantoms in use all over the world for 30 years, the ART Phantom is a refined and improved version of the Alderson RANDO Phantom in both design and materials. This indispensable quality-assurance tool is molded of tissue-equivalent material and provides integrated tests of the entire chain of treatment planning and delivery.


The ART of Clinical Images

With an exceptional focus on usability and clinical accuracy, RSD is trusted industrywide to provide realistic anatomical detail and multimodality, high-fidelity imaging that delivers quantifiable data.

The external assembly facilitates film dosimetry, while the internal assembly is used generally with TLDs or ion chamber dosimetry.


Custom ART… Phantom, That Is!

From product enhancements to custom-built solutions, RSD is your trusted partner for product design, engineering, and manufacturing for all imaging modalities. Customization options for the ART Phantom include, but are not limited to:

Dosimetry Locations In Any Inner Organ

Dosimeters can be placed in any location (midline, superior, inferior, etc.) within any organ

Sectional Slice Thickness

Cross-sectional slice thickness can be made as thin as 25mm

Detector Accommodations

Accommodation of any detectors including TLD, MOSFET detectors, LANDAUER® OSL MicroSTAR®, and nanoDot® holders, as well as film, ion chambers, and diodes

Pathology & Fractures

Any pathology or fractures can be included based on user requirements

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The RSD Promise

We value your partnership and are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations with the superior quality, product technology, and customization options you have come to expect from RSD.

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