Voxel-Simulator of Alderson-Rando

“This phantom is one of the most known human body simulators on the scope of ionizing radiation dosimetry, and it is used for radioprotection issues and dosimetry from radiotherapy and brachytherapy treatments as well.”

2011 International Nuclear Atlantic Conference – INAC 2011 Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil, October 24-28, 2011 ASSOCIAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE ENERGIA NUCLEAR – ABEN ISBN: 978-85-99141-04-5.

The Alderson Radiation Therapy Phantom

RSD In Action

Industry Innovations

Voxelization of Alderson-Rando

This study presents the methodology used for the creation of a phantom of voxels from tomographic images of Alderson-Rando (AR) physical phantom and…

Early Detection of Parkinson Disease

RSD’s Striatal Phantom with fillable striata used to measure “performance of a high-sensitivity dedicated cardiac SPECT scanner for…