Nuclear Medicine

Radiation equivalent and anatomically correct, Nuclear Medicine phantoms test reconstruction techniques, non-uniform attenuation, and scatter correction methods using different radionuclides under realistic conditions.

Heart & Thorax Phantom

RSD’s Heart/Thorax Phantom is ideal for evaluation of detectability, extent, and severity of myocardial infarcts in patients. This phantom also provides valid assessment of mammoscintigraphy techniques.

Striatal Phantom

The Striatal Phantom optimizes quantitative imaging in patients, using PET or SPECT. This phantom is based upon a standard RSD head with a calvarial cut to insert or remove the brain shell easily. The nasal cavity and maxillary sinuses are filled with foam with a mass density of 0.23 g/cc.

Thyroid Phantom

The Thyroid Phantom is an integral part of the Fission-Product Phantom, but it can also be supplied separately (with or without a head). It contains a neck with corresponding “Superhuman Skeleton” vertebrae, a hollow-shell thyroid with filling and flushing ports, and a front cover of tissue-equivalent phantom material.

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