Health Physics

Health Physics Phantoms serve as the worldwide reference standard for measuring emissions from low-energy transuranic nuclides in select organs.

The Lawrence Livermore Realistic Phantom

The Lawrence Livermore Realistic Phantom was developed under the direction of the U.S Department of Energy, primarily as a reference standard for the in vivo counting of emissions from low-energy transuranic nuclides.

The Fission-Product Phantom

The Fission-Product Phantom is partially modeled after the Lawrence Livermore Realistic Phantom. It was developed by RSD to meet the needs of nuclear power stations and other facilities that require more organs than provided by the Lawrence Livermore Realistic Phantom.

Thyroid Phantom

The Thyroid Phantom is an integral part of the Fission-Product Phantom, but it can also be supplied separately (with or without a head). This phantom has the same contours as in the full Fission-Product Phantom.

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