Pixy Upgrade Program

Out with the old. In with the new.

Are you ready for an upgrade?

From the original Alderson Pixy Phantom to RSD’s Take-Apart Pixy, we continue to advance & improve the 30-year strong industry standard.

Invest in the best and upgrade your Pixy today!

How to Upgrade

Just a few simple steps can have you using a new Take-Apart Pixy in no time!

Take Photos of Pixy

Gather a complete set of Pixy photographs, unclothed:

  • Head & Neck
  • Arms including Shoulders & Fingers
  • Legs including Feet & Toes
  • Full Body, if possible

Submit Contact Form with Photos

Provide contact information and photographs in form below.

RSD to Affirm $3,500 Credit Value

Within two (2) calendar weeks of your Pixy Upgrade Program submission, RSD will affirm the $3,500 credit value to be applied toward the purchase of a new Take-Apart Pixy.

Place order for NEW Take-Apart Pixy

Contact RSD or an authorized RSD reseller to purchase a new, customizable Take-Apart Pixy with your upgrade credit.

Prepare Pixy for Travel to RSD

RSD will arrange for complimentary, domestic-only, inbound shipping of old Pixy model to RSD.

Credit Applied to NEW Take-Apart Pixy

RSD will apply an upgrade credit value of $3,500 toward the new Take-Apart Pixy ordered through RSD or an authorized RSD reseller.

Congratulations on your upgraded Pixy!

Trainees will directly benefit from Take-Apart Pixy’s improved positioning, the convenience of disassembly, ease of storage/transportation, and the elimination of latex and gel features.


Entry Form

Please provide the following information so that RSD can contact you regarding your Entry Form for the Pixy Upgrade Program.

    Photo Attachments

    Head & Neck*

    Arms including Shoulders & Fingers*

    Legs including Feet & Toes*

    Full Body (optional)

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    Terms and Conditions

    The Pixy Upgrade Program credit value may only be applied toward the purchase of a new Take-Apart Pixy (Model Numbers: RS-103, RS-103CT, RS-104, RS-104CT, RS-106, and RS-600 series). RSD will affirm the $3,500 credit value after reviewing photographs submitted in the online form. RSD must receive the old Pixy model within three (3) calendar weeks from receipt of the new Take-Apart Pixy order. Non-compliance will result in shipping becoming the responsibility of the owner. Restrictions and limitations may apply. The program is subject to change or terminate at the discretion of RSD.


    If you have questions regarding the Pixy Upgrade Program, please feel free to contact RSD at: (310) 518-0527 or pixyupgradeprogram@rsdphantoms.com.

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