Take-Apart CT Pixy


  • NEW! Inclusive skin tones, from light to dark complexion, available at no additional cost
  • Anthropomorphic phantom disassembles into 9 parts
  • Ideal substitute for teaching and training radiological technologists
  • Small size and low weight simplify positioning
  • Unlimited repetition of most views for which patients cannot be used
  • Provides valid feedback to evaluate trainee performance
  • Designed to image any clinical view (AP, oblique, lateral, frog legs, etc.)
  • Custom pathologies and traumas available

Take-Apart CT Pixy is an anatomically and radiologically correct female designed specifically for training radiologic technologists. At 5’ 1” (156 cm) weighing 105 lbs (48 kg), Take-Apart CT Pixy is a repeatable, convenient substitute for patients and virtually indestructible.

Take-Apart CT Pixy may be ordered with or without fill ports. In addition to the stomach, gall bladder, urinary bladder, kidneys, rectum, and sigmoid flexure, Take-Apart CT Pixy additionally includes lungs, heart, liver, ureters, large intestine, Circle of Willis, and esophagus. Custom pathologies and traumas are available at an additional cost.

Built with soft-tissue mold and skeleton molds that are matched for anatomic fidelity, Take-Apart CT Pixy permits unlimited exposures, demonstrates the effects of changing technical factors, and allows for the evaluation of student performance. Students have no difficulty in maneuvering Take-Part CT Pixy into the most desired positions as the phantom is built to tolerate trainee errors.

Take-Apart CT Pixy is used to demonstrate anatomy and evaluate positioning and imaging techniques, including kVp, mAs, contrast, optical density, digital processing, OFD, and TFD. Made of tissue-equivalent materials and life-like articulations, Take-Apart CT Pixy is more realistic than a cadaveric skeleton with radiographs that are optically equivalent in density and contrast to human patients.

C1, C2, and C7 vertebrae were converted to mechanical nylon joints because educators in the field prefer full positioning capabilities for the head. This design permits the remaining neck vertebrae to be fixed in a normal position while assuring a full range of head motion.

The skull of Take-Apart CT Pixy has frontal and sphenoidal sinuses, ethmoidal and mastoid air cells, and the auditory ossicles. Bone sutures are radiographically visible.

Take-Apart CT Pixy lungs are molded of tissue-equivalent foam with the mass density of inflated human lungs (0.30 g/cc). They are connected to the oro-nasal cavity by the stem bronchi and trachea. The oro-nasal pharynx is filled with a nearly air-equivalent foam.

Model Number

RS-107CTOpaqueTake-Apart CT Pixy with Organs but NO Fill Ports*. Includes standard organs: stomach, gall bladder, urinary bladder, right and left kidneys, rectum, and sigmoid flexor. Plus, additional organs: lungs, heart, liver, ureters, large intestine, Circle of Willis, and esophagus. Also includes storage case.
*Fill ports available upon request at an additional fee.

Please contact RSD for custom pathologies, traumas, transparent material, and inclusive skin tone options.


  • Teaching & training of patient positioning
  • Image quality
  • Diagnostic radiology
  • Dosimetry verification
  • Protocol verification


  • CT
  • X-Ray
  • Fluoroscopy


  • Shoulders have ball and socket joints
  • Elbows and knees flex 90° to 100°
  • A “frog position” is possible at the hips
  • Right hand is molded with fingers positioned for an AP view
  • Left hand is in an oblique-lateral position
  • Feet are in natural position

Clinical Images

RSD In Action

Keele University’s School of Health and Rehabilitation opened a state-of-the-art radiography suite using RSD’s PIXY Phantom to highlight the practice of hands-on training with visual reinforcement.

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