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For over 30 years, Pixy has been the worldwide standard in the medical imaging community.

And Pixy continues to get better with age!

Take-Apart Pixy from Radiology Support Devices

Are You Ready for a Pixy Upgrade?

Radiology Support Devices, Inc. (RSD) is excited to introduce our Pixy Upgrade Program. We will buy back retired and semi-retired Pixy phantoms and apply a credit toward the sale of a new, fully customizable Take-Apart Pixy!

Estimated upgrade credits range from $1,500 to $5,000 plus RSD will pay for Pixy’s inbound domestic travel charges in the form of shipping and handling! (For international clients, RSD will credit $300 toward inbound shipping and handling charges.)

Looking for More Reasons to Upgrade?

RSD’s Take-Apart Pixy has evolved from previous generations to meet the needs of our end-users. Trainees will directly benefit from Take-Apart Pixy’s improved positioning, the convenience of disassembly, ease of storage & transportation, and the elimination of latex and gel features. Not to mention, RSD’s renowned image quality and fidelity. This is a wise investment in the institution and in the training of radiological technologists!

Learn more about our Pixy Upgrade Program, along with terms and conditions.


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