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Cheers to 2022, with a Nod to 2021!

With a history of pioneer inventions and modern innovations that exceed user needs and industry expectations, RSD continues to be the leader of anthropomorphic phantoms and imaging since 1951.

Looking forward, RSD is excited to pass the savings on to you for the ART phantom product line, as well as expand our international footprint. Moreover, RSD has been hard at work this past year enhancing our state-of-the-art manufacturing process to continue raising the standard for realistic imaging.

RSD product design, engineering, and manufacturing for all imaging modalities.

2022 CHEERS: Reducing Prices

RSD is pleased to announce that, after extensive negotiations with our raw material suppliers, we are reducing prices by 10% for RSD’s Alderson Radiation Therapy (ART) product line.

We are passing the savings on to our customers for THE worldwide standard for radiation therapy quality assurance!

2022 CHEERS: Expanding Reach

Our team is expanding the RSD footprint! In 2022, the entire RSD product line will be fully CE compliant for sales in the European Union.

2021 NOD: Enhanced Manufacturing

  • 3D Printing: With unmatched design freedom to create complex and intricate molds, RSD utilizes 3D printing for custom parts and prototype designs delivering high anatomical detail.
  • Silicone Molds: Considered a triumph of our craft, RSD has perfected the design and construction of industry-leading bones.
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC): RSD’s preferred technology for end-use parts ensures a high-quality finish, vast material options, and precise tolerances.
  • Pressure Molding: The superior features of RSD phantoms are achieved with the use of positive air pressure for flawless detail from every mold.
  • Quality Control: RSD phantoms undergo rigorous testing to ensure and improve upon industry-leading QC standards.


Let’s Create the Future Together!

With an exceptional focus on usability and clinical accuracy, RSD provides highly customizable phantoms to meet imaging, training, and therapy needs. From product enhancements to custom-built solutions, RSD is your trusted partner for phantom-forward solutions! Click below to get started!

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RSD Wishes You a Happy Holiday!

Cheers to a Happy and Healthy New Year from RSD!          Wishing you peace, prosperity, and more phantoms in 2022!









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