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The Leader in Anthropomorphic Phantoms

Radiology Support Devices, Inc.

New Products

The RS-1400 spine-segment daily IGRT quality assurance phantom provides four thoracic vertebrae with six markers in a precision machined translucent block of tissue equivalent material. Machined centering lines are inscribed in the block phantom for reproducible set-up. Three graphite markers are provided for KV imaging and three gold markers are provided for MV imaging.

About Us

Radiology Support Devices (RSD) and its predecessor companies owe their specialty of duplicating the human body to the fact that a former wife of the founder of these companies, Samuel W. Alderson, was always late for appointments. One evening, late in World War II, one of her friends came over for dinner, and Mr. Alderson chatted with her pending the arrival of his wife. The friend was depressed by working in an amputee center, and she bemoaned the poor arm prostheses being fitted to the amputees.

At that time Mr. Alderson was working at the Bell Telephone Laboratories on the first missile-guidance system, which contained powerful, miniature permanent-magnet motors. He wondered why such motors could not be used to power improved arm prostheses. He begin to explore this possibility at the same time that IBM, which had promised to President Roosevelt that they would turn their technology to the improvement of artificial arms, was looking around for a project engineer for this task. Mr. Alderson was recommended to IBM for this post and was hired by IBM to head a special laboratory to pursue this development.

The Leader in Anthropomorphic Phantoms.


Radiology Support Devices Inc. is recognized as the world leader of anthropomorphic phantoms for radiography and radiation therapy. Founded by Samuel W. Alderson widely acknowledged as the pioneer of Phantom technology, Radiology Support Devices continues today to be committed to the same principles of quality and excellence that was the foundation of Samuel's vision of many years ago.